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How To Lose 10 Kilos In 30 Days From Home

A complete guide


Before we delve into this comprehensive weight loss guide, let me bust a dangerous and trending myth:

  • No, Obesity is NOT normal. 
  • Your body is NOT designed to be overweight.  
  • Do not believe the commercials that say obesity is perfectly ok. 
  • They want to sell junk food. Hence, they want to make you believe obesity is normal. 
  • Don’t fall into the trap.

Problems with overweight

India is witnessing an unprecedented increase in the number of people with obesity. If we think obesity is just a weight-related problem alone, then we are mistaken. There are tons of problems and diseases caused by obesity. Let’s see the top 10 problems related to obesity and overweight. 

1. High blood pressure (Hypertension).

Being overweight increases the load for your heart and it has to increase the pumping pressure in order to supply the blood all over the body. If left untreated, High blood pressure may lead to heart attack and stroke.

2. Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which the body doesn’t let the Insulin into the cells and this situation is called Insulin Resistance. In 90% of cases, this condition is caused by obesity.

How does obesity cause insulin resistance that leads to Type 2 diabetes?

Overweight and overeating stress the cells inside the body. When the cells receive an abundant level of nutrients to process, the body signals the cells to shut down insulin receptors. Thus, the cells become insulin resistant. Once the body is resistant to insulin, the blood sugar in the body is left unattended and causes so many problems.

3. High bad cholesterol, Low good cholesterol.

Obesity is nothing but the large accumulation of fat in the body. To be specific, carrying too much weight also means carrying too much LDL cholesterol, famously called ‘bad cholesterol. This excess amount of LDL cholesterol is the major reason for heart attack as it can easily clog the arteries. 

4. Heart diseases.

Also known as Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), this condition is, as we all know, life-threatening. The reasons discussed in the above point apply to CVD as well. Too much fat in the body travels all over the arteries and blocks the oxygen supply and leads to heart attack.

5. Stroke.

Obesity doubles the chances of stroke. Stroke is a disease that damages the arteries leading to the brain and thus, prevents or reduces the oxygen supply. Without oxygen, the blood cells die within minutes causing paralysis and other problems. 

6. Gallbladder diseases.

Gallbladder is a small pouch that is located under the liver. Its purpose is to store bile, a greenish fluid like acid produced by the liver to digest. Though small in size, the Gallbladder is an important part of the body. 

Again, obesity damages the gallbladder too. Overweight people, especially women, have large amounts of cholesterol that creates gallstones in bile. Also, obese people have bigger gallbladder that doesn’t work well.   

7. Sleep apnea and breathing problems.

Have you seen overweight people struggle to get sound sleep?

Once again, the extra fat in the body caused by obesity leads to sleep apnea and breathing problems. It’s not that we blame obesity for every problem. Trust me, the excess fat caused by obesity blocks the upper airway and causes irregular breathing and disturbs sleep. 

8. Depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.

Mental disorders and obesity contribute to each other. A depressed mind gets relief by eating and that leads to overeating and eventually, becoming overweight. On the other hand, obesity creates hormonal imbalance and causes depression.

9. Joint pain.

Most people don’t take joint pain seriously until it halts their daily activities. And also, most people don’t realise that in most cases, their joint pain is caused by obesity. 

Obesity causes inflammation and in turn, inflammation causes joint pain. 

10. Difficulty in daily physical activities.

This is easy to understand. Obesity causes discomfort in daily activities like walking, running, climbing steps, playing with kids, workouts, etc. This affects the quality of life tremendously. 

Those are the top problems caused by obesity. By no means this is a complete list. There are numerous other diseases caused by obesity. 

OK, now that we’ve discussed the problems, let’s ask a question.

What happens if you don’t address the obesity problem?

All the above-mentioned problems worsen over time and create more and more problems that are deadly and fatal. 

Type 2 diabetes will get worse and lead to heart attack and stroke. Your body becomes insulin resistant and blood sugar (glucose) in your body is unchecked. 

Your cholesterol levels skyrocket and again, it leads to Cardiovascular Diseases that include heart attack.

Gallbladder issues will grow beyond cure. Your liver gets inflammation and slowly loses its capability to function to its full capacity. 

Your day-to-day activities slow down. Quality of life deteriorates and that would put you in abnormal stress. Your knee joints start to ache like never before and limit your movement to a painful level.

You must lose weight. For yourself and your loved ones. 

Rightmeal is here to help you healthily lose weight from the comfort of your home. More on that at the end of the article. 

Before we jump into how to lose weight, let’s get a clear picture of what exactly is weight loss and also let’s bust some myths.

What exactly is weight loss

This may sound pretty straightforward to answer. Weight loss is nothing but losing weight. Easy, isn’t it? 

But what exactly do we mean by ‘weight’ in the context of weight loss?

Our body mass consists of muscle, bones, water, fat, and other essential stuff like tissues, etc. The term ‘weight’ refers to any element in our body. STOP. 

This is where most people make mistakes. Losing any weight is not considered weight loss from a health point of view. If you really want to become healthy by losing weight, you must focus on losing FAT. 

Fat loss is healthy. Muscle loss is not. Water loss is not. 

Losing excess body fat should be the ultimate goal in the weight loss regime. 

Have you seen ads claiming to make you lose an insane amount of weight within a week? I bet you’ve. How do they do it? 

Sorry to sound harsh, but almost all of them are scams. Yes, they are. 

For instance, there is a fad diet called the ‘fruit diet’. Eat only fruits for 5 days. Weigh yourself to find that you’ve lost 5-7 kilos. You feel ‘wow… I’ve done it!’. But hold on… weighing scales can’t tell you what body element you lost. 

What you lost from the fruit diet is nothing but water. And, guess what… the lost water will be restored in no time. Check the weight after 7 days. Bang! You are back with more weight. You are heavier than you were before the diet attempt. 

Why does it happen?

Simple. Only fat loss is healthier. Other hacks like water loss are not sustainable and most importantly, not healthier.

Focus on fat loss and fat loss alone. 

Ok, here comes the most important question on weight loss. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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