How Does It Work?

What is happening around us?

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Step 1 – Find out what is wrong?

This is the first step to understand your body. The best way to understand is through a blood test. 

It provides us the information about your historical preference. Are you a higher sugar eater or less sugar eater? Everyone things they are less sugar eater.  Blood test never lies. 

Do you have sufficient Iron and other minerals or not? Also how is your inflamation, vitamin D etc.,

Using this we will understand your health as well as your Heart, Liver and Metabolic health.

We will recommend to take Thyrocare blood test. Please call us to find which one to do as well as discount coupon. 

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Step 2:  Understand the Missing Piece

You are not doing blood test for first time.  This will be different as the report that we provide will help you to find out which food that you have missed or taken more that is causing you the problem.
Our report will tell you how to tailor your food as per your body needs to add those missing pieces.
Ther next most important thing is that you choose meal for next 30 days for you as per your taste, preference without guilt on various choices.
We serve you these food to your home and just enjoy them.




Step 3: Subscribeto acheive your dream weight and health

All you have to do is subscribe to your meal for next 30 days. Enjoy the meal and watch your fat to melt as well as getting your key markers getting back to normal magically

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