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How does Right Meal help me with weight management?

  • Right Meal is conducive to good health. Strict and continuous adoption of Right Meal will help you to maintain your weight or achieve gradual reduction

Why do I need to subscribe? Why can’t I order something every day?

  • Eating healthy has to be a daily habit.  A 30-Day Right Meal will help you form that habit and the results will encourage you to continue and integrate this discipline into your lifestyle.

How does delivery happen?

  • The Food delivery happens 2 or 3 times a day depending on your plan. We have complete flexibility for delivery addresses. We can make the delivery wherever you want within the boundary limit, of course. We deliver all 7 days including Sundays.

Can I try for few days?

  • Yes, can try for 5 days.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time without cancellation charges?

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. We will refund the remaining un-serviced days’ worth.

 Is this Diet Keto or Paleo?

  • Right Meal is a method derived from understanding of how the human body works. Right Meal has only appropriate amount of animal fat not excessive. Yes, you may have non-veg options also if you wish.

I have been on so many diets already. Will I again have to starve myself?

  • Right Meal ensures that you meet your nutritional requirements by eating tasty and healthy

Do I need to get any medical test done?

  • Yes, we recommend a blood test before the start of the program to help us to understand your body and establish a baseline. Also, if you have an allergy, you will do a food tolerance test. Our test is all done at your home by Thyrocare.

If I take this diet, do I need to reduce my medicines?

  • We do not recommend reducing medicine without your doctor consultation. We also have Doctors in our panel they can help you with that.

Can I have options for reducing 3 meals to 2 meals or 1 meal? Also Is it possible for me to cook post subscription ends?

  • Yes, you can. Please contact us.

Your cost is too high?

  • We hear you, but the best products are expensive! We provide you with a customized meal plan that suit your taste and preferences and also help you in weight loss and we don’t compromise on anything you require. Moreover, a decent meal from your fav restaurant will cost you at least 250 per person, well guess what? our costing works out to be cheaper than that 🙂

Will I need to be buying lifelong cooked food? Or After 3 months, how can I continue my own.

  • You do not have to be on a diet forever. Once you reach your target weight, we will continue to provide you with assistance on meal plans that you can follow.

What is the sustainable plan post 90 days subscription?

  • Right Meal is more of a lifestyle change and is not something you should discontinue.

Post your journey with us we can help you with meal plans and recipes that help you to stay on the healthy journey. You can also have a combination of few meals from us and few from your regular diet.

Why should I buy DIY kit rather than buying from stores?

  • The DIY kit is not just a bunch of groceries delivered to your house. It includes sauces, pastes and powders that are prepared by us to ease the cooking process for you. They also come with recipe cards with a step by step description so that nothing goes wrong. To ensure you face no difficulties we also provide you with 2 cooking classes to clear all your doubts and answer your questions.

Do you provide Guarantee the weight loss if I subscribe for 3 months?

  • We do guarantee weight loss provided you show ample evidence on how strict you are with the right meal plan which includes daily weight monitoring.

How good is your preparation safe and not exposed to COVID 19?

  • All our meals are home cooked and made with utmost care following all safety standards like how you would cook at your house.
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