Free Report: Your Food Life Style Report

This is a very personlsied report for you.  You will get 

  • Deeper insights to understand you through blood report.
  • You are what you ate. There is more than that. You need to understand that.
  • Four simple rules that will make significant improvement to your Health, Weight, Shape and Flexibility.
  • How do you create good food habit and how to break a bad food habit.
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Food Life Style Report

The report provides deeper insight on the following. It is an easy to understand graphical report with lower and higher limits. It also gives your the recommendation of what food to eat and not to eat.

  • Summary and what to do next?
  • Your Heart Health (Lipid Profile)
  • Your Metabolisum (Glucose, Minerals etc.,)
  • Your Liver Health (Liver markers)
  • Vitamin D
  • Your Immunity, Throid, Iron etc.,

If you don’t have the blood test report, no problem, we can help you to get blood test done at your home conveience through Thyrocare.

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“At the beginning I was very skeptical but it’s amazing! My motivation has got much stronger and I have improved my awarness and health in such a short time. Thanks Right Meal!“

Your Food Life Style Partner

It is time for you to take action so that you understand your body well as well as your food choices to build your Health, Weight, Shape and Flexibility