Checklist of Unhealthy Foods to Avoid in Regular Diet

People automatically feel overwhelmed with the regular crash of media coverage about weight, obesity, and health. However, knowing the list of food to have and avoid will help you with sound health. It is the list not only for the individuals but also for the people like parents, caretakers, healthcare providers, teachers, worksite coordinators, business, public health practitioners and healthcare policymakers. Have a note of such foods here to order healthy food online!

Sugar is a complete source of empty calories as it has 100% of energy, and there is no other nutrient. The desired way to consume sugar is through the diet as it occurs naturally in several fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products. You can cut down the sweets, soft drinks, chocolates, fruit juices and biscuits. Remember that sugar should be taken less amount.

Soft drinks
Soft drinks are the bad choice for the health as it has sugar and caffeine content. So, it is better to eliminate soft drinks from the diet by replacing them with water, lemon water and herbal teas. These will offer you some additional laden calories.

Refined foods
Refined foods and the processed foods are commonly made of Maida with either no or very little fibre content. Lack of fibre in the diet will tend to sluggish bowels, constipation, and in some worst cases, it can lead to colon cancer. The whole food diet with plenty of veggies and fruits will offer the necessary quantity of fibre.

Animal protein
Most people think that animal protein like fish, dairy products, the chicken will offer a vital source of protein. However, this can be harmful to exceeding the recommendable quantity. Some popular animal foods like cheese, ghee, full-fat milk, beef, and red meat can create lots of damage to health.

Salt is essential nutrients by the body that will help regulate the fluid balance, conduct nerve impulses, maintain the heart rhythm, and contract muscle. For a healthy body, it is necessary to have a quarter teaspoon of table salt. High salt intake will lead to hypertension. High sodium food is canned and tinned foods, highly salted breakfast cereals, packed soups, cakes, pastries, pickled meat, packed soups, sauces, etc.

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