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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Meal To Achieve Your Goal While You Enjoy Food

We are working on the principle that you are unique . Your lifestyle is unique. Hence Your diet plan should be unique.

Most people find it difficult to manage weight, health and energy is due to their relationship with food, lack of understanding of how to choose right food for their body.  

Hence many diets that you tried made you feel SICK and crave for more food.


Right Meal is a simple, delicious diet plan and help thousands of people lose weight easily.


We are a startup.

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Right Meal is committed to serving obese and overweight people who have struggled in their efforts to lose weight by providing them with specific education and customer support on food choices to reach their goals.


To be responsible for getting how-to-reduce weight education into the hands of more people than any other individual or enterprises.

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We are driven by very passionate people committed to help you

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