Are you obese and tired of diets? We all are. Diets are boring. All the diets you tried made you feel SICK and crave for more food. Not anymore.


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Through blood test Understated your body for key markers like Energy, Metabolism, Bone & Muscle, Brain, Inflammation etc.,

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Choose healthy lunch and dinner as your taste and preference.
Every meal is delivered to your home.

Snacks and breakfast

Healthy snack and breakfast options to choose from the list. Never feel hunger and watch your body fat melting away.

Need help in choosing the right meal plan for you?

RIGHT MEAL works on the principle that you are unique. Your lifestyle is unique. Your meal / diet plan should also be unique. 

Our friendly experts will talk to you, will analyze your blood reports and plan your food /meal to make you lose weight , SLIM and SHAPLEY.

Based on your needs and preference, a customized RIGHT MEAL  plan will be recommended and MEAL will be COOKED and DELIVERED to your location


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Our guarantee is that you will never feel like you are in diet. The food will be tasty and Healthy


Real People , Real Results

Yeah, I see Lot of change both in my weight as well as energy levels. I lost around 6kgs in the last 3to 3.5 weeks. And I am happy that this isn’t one of those crash diets and  is more of a life style change.


Student Chennai

Enjoying life now


Home Maker, Chennai

My son Lost 3 kgs in 2 weeks while eating delicious food



We recommend this for everyone who would like to go for a healthy living. Saves time and money spent on maids and doctors


Psychologist &NLP Trainer, Founder SIF GLOBAL Talks, Mind Masters.

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